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Ninos Preschool Program is a GODSEND. I have been 100% happy with everything relating to the program.

My daughter was in a daycare program 3 months ago that had to unexpectedly close down. I wasn't expecting to have to put her in preschool for another year or so but we had to rush to find somewhere and after visiting several schools in a short period of time I was completely overwhelmed and totally hopeless. All the other preschools I looked at had major issues with regard to caregiver/child ratio, quality of the food, disciplinary policy, the level of education required for each caregiver, and cost. I was also looking for somewhere that would speak to her in English as well as Spanish as it is very important to me my daughter retain her Spanish.

I had passed by this school 100 times and never thought to call or check it out. It is a little hidden, in a residential, quiet neighborhood. I called and was able to visit the school that same day. I was blown away by the cleanliness of the space, the amount of books that were available for the children (in Spanish and English), and the fact that they had computers.

Most important I was ecstatic to hear about the level of individual attention each child gets. Every other school I visited had 8-10 students per caregiver (which is allowed by the state by the way) and NPP had 4. 4 children per teacher. Veronica (the founder and head teacher) explained that the method Reggio method she uses stresses the small caregiver/child ratio in addition to the importance of play through organic materials. In lam ens terms, my daughter plays outside a lot. Specifically they handle a lot of plants, nuts, dirt, and clay and use these things to learn and create art. Almost everyday my daughter comes home with a very creative collage or art piece.

Veronica has a vegetable garden the children are able to participate in tending to, she has people come in to teach music as well as yoga to the children and during the holidays she has visitors coming in to talk to the children about different traditions.

The program has a huge emphasis on multiculturalism and is bilingual in nature. The children are constantly exploring other cultures including tasting the food, listening to music and stories.

As if that isn't enough to sell you on the program, NPP also provides meals for your child. Almost 100% organic and extremely healthy. Your child will not be eating fish sticks and frozen veggies. They will be eating things like vegetable soup, lentils, brown rice and plenty of fresh vegetables.

Last but not least, I cannot say enough about Veronica. She is not only invested in your child's growth and learning experience, but she goes above and beyond to care for and ensure that parents and families as a unit are thriving and healthy. I am constantly receiving guidance and feedback on how my daughter is doing, and even getting pictures sent to my email of my baby at school!

Honestly, I do not know where my daughter or I will be without the program. Just this morning my baby was like, "I like going to school!" No joke she actually said that. If that's not a sign, I don't know what is.

Katidia, Culver City

In the time our boys have been at Ninos Preschool, we are grateful to experience a "home away from home" for our children. Down to the smallest detail, Veronica guides the "Ninos family" of children and parents alike. Her thoughtfully planned activites, from yoga to good old fashioned playing in the sand enrich all our lives as we experience the joy of seeing our children develop interests in things we enjoy, yet can't manage to fit into our busy schedules. For parents, Veronica regularly hosts "Ninos family" events in addition to visits from a UCLA early childcare specialist who provides insight and support along with lots of humor for the challenging role we face as parents. We couldn't be happier with our choice of childcare for both our children and ourselves.

Mary T., Culver City

My daughter just completed her only year of pre-school at Ninos, and my wife and I are very grateful for all she has learned. When we first started touring pre-schools a year ago we were a little concerned about the schools we saw with a bunch of wild kids running around, but when we looked at Ninos we knew we had found a good fit for our child (and the price was very affordable compared to most). As other reviews have stated, Veronica is very invested in the children and treats them with respect. The kids learn in a small, organic and comfortable environment that helps them grow at their own pace. We love the healthy, organic food choices she gives the kids and all the extra activities such as yoga, music and art. It is true that there are a lot of younger kids there, but I don't think that takes away from the learning process for the older ones. In fact it helped my daughter feel special because she received more personal attention than she would have gotten at a bigger school. The family atmosphere is perfect for kids like her. And a big bonus for us was the Spanish program, which helped my daughter understand basics of the language. If you come from a Spanish speaking household or have an interest in your young child learning the Spanish language, there are few better option then this for pre-schoolers. I feel my daughter is well equipped for Kindergarten next year. We will miss the Ninos family and are thankful for her time there.

Alex C., Culver City

I love this school. My four-year-old daughter has been going for about nine months and the amount she has developed is substantial. It was very important for us that she be in a Spanish-immersion school, and the amount of language she has picked up in this short time is nothing short of amazing!

We had her in another preschool temporarily before this one, and had a terrible experience. It was definitely not the right fit in many ways, and more importantly, she had absolutely no personal connection to any of the multitude of teachers that were around her. That is one of the most distinguishable differences with Niños Preschool Program.

Here she has as much individual attention as any child would need, while at the same time her social relationships are being developed very carefully. Even when there are squabbles that are typical of this age group, my daughter always feels comfortable talking to any of the teachers about whatever she may be feeling. As a parent, I've always felt Veronica and Gustavo, the owners and head teachers, are extremely approachable and active in addressing concerns, if not proactive.

My daughter now sings songs in Spanish and English, teaches me moves from the weekly yoga class, and brings home paintings and drawings every week. They have music class, and cook/bake together on Fridays. She seems very attached to all her teachers, and I have complete confidence in their ability to nurture and care for her.

Some parents have made much ado about the big move to the new school, and I just don't see why. The new place is much bigger, with more room for activities and play, and my daughter has been even more excited to go to this place than she was even with the last one. The transition was perfectly smooth, in my opinion.

As far as being in contact with the younger toddlers/babies, yes, there seems to be a lot of interaction but I don't have any concerns about it. I appreciate that she is learning how to interact with other kids of all ages, and actually wish I could have had my her at Niños from her infant age on upwards because she would have developed good social skills much earlier than she did being exclusively in my care.

Niños also offers classes for parents periodically to nourish parent/child connections and address child development concerns. I really enjoyed these, the times I was able to participate.

Great school.

Abrishan, Culver City

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